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Quantum Darts x Thornton Darts Unity 23g Review

Quantum Darts held a launch of some new products on 4th November 2022 and the standout release was the brand-new Quantum Unity darts. A collaboration dart designed by Quantum Darts and Thornton Darts, it certainly is a great looking set with black coating and recut grooves making the natural tungsten really pop.

The Unity darts are only available in 23g and come in a blister pack packaging, the cover featuring a blueprint style design and Unity logo. They can be bought via the Quantum Darts website

Product Information & Description

23g Steel Tip - 90% Tungsten

  • Length: 50.8mm

  • Width: 6.6mm

  • Supplied with black nylon shafts and Quantum stickerbomb flights

  • Price (As of 07/11/2022): £46.99

The darts feature a black coating with recut silver grooves at the front and rear of the barrel along with a recut smooth rear section for the logo spaces. The darts feature a tapered bull nose and are a straight barrel design with grip along the whole barrel also featuring different grip styles and lateral grooves.

Grip and Performance

The Unity perform exactly how you would expect, with a standard flight they glide through the air and stand up in the board, the same as most straight barrel darts do for me personally. With smaller flights they zip through the air quicker and sit slightly flatter, I feel like they can suit any setup so well worth trying especially for the price. The darts will suit anyone who likes a straight barrel due to the grip lasting through the whole dart, with exception to the logo space at the back. The grip feels consistent despite the varying cuts and a mix of coated and non-coated sections. The middle section I would say is ever so slightly more grippy than the rest of the dart but not by too much. The dart is sufficiently grippy without being aggressive or sticky and that is due to the coating taking the edge off the cuts.

Overall grip rating: 3.5-4/5


The big talking points for darts when released now is the price and for £46.99 (under £50 total with postage), these darts are great value. Considering these darts wouldn't have been made in the same batch quantity as the 'big' companies, the retail price matches similar darts that also feature coatings, varied cuts and recuts. The darts perform exactly like you would expect for a straight barrel, the grip is comfortable but also offers enough grip and it looks premium without being too over the top.

If you're looking to add a different brand to your collection or try a dart that isn't from one of the big companies, you can't go far wrong with this dart.

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