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NEW Chisnall and Heta Darts Released in Harrows Darts 2023 Launch!

By Kurt Bevan

In what has already been a rather successful period of product launches for Harrows, who have recently celebrated their 50th anniversary by launching and remastering some darts of their past, they now have released a range of brand new darts for 2023 including new products for 'Chizzy' Dave Chisnall and 'The Heat' Damon Heta.

Here is a summary and some thoughts on their latest launch. To listen to my thoughts and opinions on the darts, listen to the latest episode of "Talking Tungsten" on all good podcast platforms.

Both of the following darts are available to be purchased from Premier Darts, if you use code 'MD5' you can get 5% off your purchase! Links to the darts are available on the name and image of the darts.

Chizzy's new darts have treated him well to begin with following a successful spell winning the Hungarian Darts Trophy and a PDC Players Championship event less than a week later!

Prototype set used by Chizzy in the Hungarian Darts Trophy. Seems to include black coated grooves although this may just be lighting.

The darts feature a gold coating with recut silver sections creating a dart that in my opinion looks a lot cleaner and far more classy than the previous version of Chizzy's barrels. The darts aren't too far removed in terms of design however with square cut grooves seperated by more shallow and narrow cuts. The rear sees two re-machined micro grip sections which make the dart look not too dissimilar from Beau Greaves' darts.

A set I believe that will be very popular especially considering Chisnall's more recent form.

These darts are available in weights through from 21-26g Steel Tip and 18 & 20g Soft Tip.

The darts retail for £46.95 which in my opinion is a fantastic price for a set of player darts in the current market. Especially considering the coatings and that Dave Chisnall is a very popular player.

An unexpected release for me especially considering the only hints we really had for new darts was a slightly tweaked version of Damon's first generation barrels used for a couple of events just weeks before this launch.

A welcomed edition to the Harrows range and something a bit more premium for one of the game's best players. The Heta darts feature the signature front loaded style however the front section has been altered slightly with extra rings placed between the scalloped cuts which also sees the addition of a red metallic coating, which in turn matches his new match shirts.

The rear section looks similar to that of the Harrows Ice recut and Fire inferno with a rather long horizontal milling creating a distinct and premium look to what otherwise would be relatively simple design.

Damon's last set of barrels were very popular as they were simple but effective and priced very well. These perhaps being more expensive and not currently being used by the Aussie number one may mean they aren't quite as sought after however Damon is again another popular player and has plenty of fans who would snap these up in a heartbeat.

The Damon Heta second generation are available in weights of:

21, 23, 25g Steel Tip

18, 20g Soft Tip

These darts also retail for £46.95 which again is a fantastic price for the design and the popularity of the player.

To read more about the other darts released as part of the 2023 Harrows Launch click here.


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