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Player Profiles

Profiles of our ambassador players can be found below.

Our ambassador player programme, aims to give players a platform to showcase their talents to the darts community via the platforms. As well as this we seek to provide players with opportunities for sponsorship and hopefully in future be able to support players financially from this very website.


It's me! The person who runs this website!


Playing darts competitively since late 2019 after casually playing for a few years as a youngster. Currently playing super league darts as well as entering local tournaments & WDF events.

The goal is to continue to develop with structured practice and competitive play before eventually going to Q-School and using challenge tour to develop further


Player profile

Playing darts since: December 2019

Darts used: 23g Matador Darts V1

Nickname(s): Burt, Matador


Walk-On Music: Zombie - Jamie T

Career Achievements:

- Local League Singles Runner Up (2022)

- Norfolk Darts Fesival (Vauxhall) Men's Pairs L16 w/ Ashley Coleman



Jody is the first player to be officially sponsored by Matador Darts!

Jody has been competing most recently in the ADC Women's series as well as the WDF British Open.

Jody in November 2023 will be playing LIVE on TV/YouTube at the Modus Live Lounge with the other top women from the ADC Women's rankings including Deta Hedman, Eleanor Cairns and former world champion Lisa Ashton!


Player profile

Playing darts since: 2009 - (2022 taking it seriously says Jody)

Darts used: Harrows 24g


Current sponsors:, Eagle Darts, SDG Custom Designs


Walk-On Music: 

Career Achievements:

- Top 8, ADC Women's Series Rankings 

- Cleveland Open Ladies Singles R/U

- WDF British Open Women's Pairs Last 8
- Within the selection & named for Yorkshire County darts


Adam joins the Matador Darts team with Q School 2024 in his sights. Having followed 'Beefy' personally on twitter for a few years now it's clear to see he's a fantastic player and isn't phased whether he's playing in his house online in the GDL/Scolia or if he's playing at a tournament.

Adam attended 2024 PDC Q School gaining 3 points but missed out on leg difference of making stage 2. In his debut match he defeated major champion Robert Thornton with a 14 darter in the deciding leg.


Player profile

Playing darts since: 2021

Darts used: Personalised Unicorn Code 25g

Nickname(s): Beefy

Current sponsors:, Mat McCallion, Premier Darts, Sam Squire Darts Coaching & SDG Custom Designs

Walk-On Music: Oasis - Roll With It

Career Achievements:

- 3x ADC Semi-Finalist
- Yorkshire & Humber ADC Modus Playoff Final
- 2x Bradford Darts Champion



Connor has been playing darts since 2018, he's picked up the game very quickly and has achieved a lot on his short space of time playing.

Connor's immediate aims are to acquire some sponsorship to help him play on the Development tour and gain some PDC experience whilst still eligible to play on that tour. Interested in sponsoring Connor? Get in contact below!


Player profile

Playing darts since: 2018

Darts used: 21g Quantum Darts

Nickname(s): (None, suggestions appreciated)

Current sponsors: DartsGB & Quantum Darts / SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE

Walk-On Music: September - Earth, Wind and Fire

Career Achievements: 
• UDUK - University Darts Merseyside Open Winner
• Former Southern counties U18s #1

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