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Harrows 2023 Darts Launch Summary

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

By Kurt Bevan

Harrows' 2023 launch saw the release of 6 new non-player darts including higher end options with the Atrax as well as options at the lower end of the price scale with the 80% Control range.

Below is a summary and my thoughts on all the new darts, all of which are available at Premier Darts. If you use code 'MD5' at checkout, you can get 5% off whilst supporting this very website.

Prefer podcasts? Listen to the latest episode of 'Talking Tungsten' for a full summary of the new Harrows Launch, available on all good podcast streaming platforms.

Starting with the most expensive dart of the launch, the Atrax is the latest 95% tungsten barrel added to the Harrows Range. The Atrax has been manufactured using Harrows newest CNC machinery installed into the Harrows factory earlier this year, allowing for a highly intricate and stunning looking design.

The darts feature machining called 'webbed milling' as well as a similar style cut to what we see on the new Damon Heta darts with horizontal and diagonal milling along the barrel. Finished with an accent of red metallic coating and re-cut natural tungsten grooves.

These darts are available in every weight from 21-26g and are priced at £59.95 which considering is the most expensive dart in the Harrows launch, I think is very good value for money.

In summary I think this dart is actually one of the best looking in Harrows range, it features expert and modern machinery whilst still looking like a practical dart. Unlike some from other manufacturers or even a dart like the fire inferno from Harrows.

In a similar price point to the previously released Harrows NX90, the Shard offers an affordable, no frills barrel that's just plain tungsten and a simple grip.

Tapered in shape, it resembles that of an old Paul Lim style barrel with the darts widest point being around the centre of the barrel.

In the description of the darts, Harrows mention how that the nose has been engineered to provide a perfect transition from point to barrel which is "ideal for front grippers." I am a big fan of manufacturers trying to create a natural transition with this style nose however I believe these darts are more suited to middle and rear grippers. The main reason for this is that taper at the front with low level of grip means that front grippers will not get much purchase to be able to push the dart to the board.

The price of this dart is £35.95 and it is available in 21, 23, 25g Steel Tip and 18, 20g Soft Tip.

Overall, I think it's a good addition once again to the Harrows range, something affordable in a current market where most 90% tungsten darts are at least £45 from the big manufacturers.

Another range of affordable darts here with the Harrows Control Parallel and Tapered adding a clean and simple option for people who use 80% tungsten darts.

Both darts in the Control range feature grip along the full length of the barrel with varied types of ringed cuts ranging from wider radial grooves to micro grip.

The tapered variant is what really caught my eye as a dart shape that is slowly becoming more popular with a front weighted barrel almost resembling a shape similar to Damon Heta's darts, just with a slightly longer nose.

The parallel version of these darts are available in 22, 23, 25g and the tapered version is available in 21, 22 and 24g. Both darts are also available in 18, 20g.

The Control range is priced at an affordable £29.95 which is about what I would expect from a high quality 80% tungsten dart.

Overall, a good looking, clean and simple option for players who use 80% darts or are just starting out and wanting something a bit more affordable.

The rest of the launch featured a range of accessories including cases, shafts, flights and new steel darts. Summarised in the bullet points below:

  • Rage Steel Darts - £13.95 - Stainless Steel dart available in 21, 22, 23, 24g Steel tip and 18, 20g soft tip. - Front loaded with scalloped cuts and red rings with a matt finish

  • Alamo VS2 Shafts - £1.95 per set - Inspired by the original Alamo, aluminium top with moulded base shaft - Available in 6 colours - Available in Short, Midi & Medium

  • New Cases The new launch featured a range of cases including: - Smart Pocket Case XL (£16.95) - Smart Pocket Case (£10.95) - Pro 6 Player Cases (£16.95)

  • New Flights The launch also saw the release of new Silika flights as well as flights individually released for all of the new darts launched.

To see all of the new products visit the Premier Darts website here. To read a summary of the Chizzy and Damon Heta darts read our blog post here.


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