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Harrows Darts Celebrate 50-year anniversary with release of ‘classics remastered’ products.

By Kurt Bevan

This year, Harrows are celebrating their 50-year anniversary by remastering some of the products which have made them one of the leading darts brands in the world. Harrows are one of the oldest darts manufacturers in the world with their products being used by former world champions.

In 1985, Harrows teamed up with the Crafty Cockney Eric Bristow which dramatically increased their profile, making them the most well-known darts brand worldwide.

Today, Harrows continue to provide a wide array of equipment and sponsor top PDC players such as Damon Heta and Dave Chisnall.

The ‘Classics Remastered’ launch

Harrows’ launch comprised of a release of 6 new (old) darts. Celebrating the iconic barrels of the past. Each of the darts all feature their original specifications but feature a bronze/gold coating which adds a modern twist to these classic barrels. Read my summary of each dart below:


The V-wing are one of Harrows most iconic darts, previously supplied with a wasp/bee shaped V flight which you can still find from some shops.

The darts feature a bulbous front section with a scalloped rear which makes the dart ideal for both front and rear grippers.

The grip features of very thin rings which should provide a consistent mid-level of grip.

The darts are available in the following weights and dimensions:

21g – 7.10mm x 48mm

23g – 7.30mm x 48mm

25g – 7.60mm x 48mm

The darts aren’t unfortunately available in 27g which they had been in previous versions.

The V-wing remastered are priced at £45.95

Boxer (Bomb & Parallel)

The Harrows boxer range is one of the most popular ranges from Harrows as it featured some simple and effective shapes and designs. In this remastered launch, Harrows have re-released both the bomb and straight barrel versions.

The Boxer features gold coated knurling and grooves whereas previous versions had black and red knurling and grooves.

The bomb versions of this dart are the very same to that of an old Dennis Priestley dart who was also once upon a time sponsored by Harrows. Harrows mentioning “This exact profile was synonymous with a certain 2-time world champion.”

The weight and dimensions for the bomb version are as follows:

22g - 7.50mm x 43mm

24g - 7.90mm x 43mm

26g - 8.20mm x 43mm

The parallel version also feature the same knurling and gold grooves and provide a classic style barrel which you do not see too often anymore. The dimensions of the Boxer parallel are:

21g - 6.10mm x 51mm

23g - 6.30mm x 51mm

25g - 6.60mm x 51mm

Both versions of the Boxers are priced at £45.95


The first ever 97% tungsten darts released by Harrows in 1987, the Magnum again were popular and a huge push towards the limits of what was possible with darts at the time.

Featuring a re-cut knurling on a gold coated barrel, the Magnum really look stunning, with the high tungsten percentage, allows for a super slim yet still not too long of a barrel.

These darts weights and dimensions are:

21g - 6.10mm x 49mm

23g - 6.30mm x 49mm

25g - 6.50mm x 49mm

These darts are priced at £49.95


Like the Magnum, the Atlantis are a knurled straight barrel although this particular model is 95% tungsten. The original Atlantis dart was the first 95% tungsten dart released by Harrows and features four distinct knurled sections which are gold coated and will offer a great reference point for grip.

The weights and dimensions of the Atlantis are:

22g - 6.30mm x 49mm

24g - 6.50mm x 49mm

26g - 6.70mm x 49mm

These darts are priced at £47.95

The Original (Bristow)

Probably the unexpected release of the launch although well worthy of being ‘remastered’ is the original. A copy of the original Eric Bristow darts with gold coating in the iconic grooves.

There isn’t much to say about The Original release other than it will suit and be popular with many darts players and I myself will be purchasing a set are the dimensions are spot on for my liking.

The weights and dimensions of The Original are:

22g - 6.40mm x 48mm

24g - 6.60mm x 48mm

26g - 6.90mm x 48mm

Overall I think this will be a very popular launch from Harrows and I like the fact it isn’t just a re-make and that gold coating on each of the darts but in their original dimensions really adds a class touch to celebrate 50 years of Harrows.

Congratulations to Harrows on their 50th anniversary and here’s to the next 50 years and beyond.

All prices are accurate as of 27/09/2023 and all darts are available from here.


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