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Mission Darts | 'Rocky' Josh Rock Darts Review

Young PDC Star Josh Rock's darts are a classic style barrel with his own personal touches. Josh signed with Mission earlier this year and since then has performed extremely well on tour and has been one of the most in form players on the tour.

Josh Rock's new darts were released on 4th November as part of Missions 2023 launch

The darts suit Josh's brand perfectly with electro blue and black PVD coating, they feature a thin ring grip which gives the darts a nice level of grip that isn't sticky but definitely won't slip from the hands.

Product Information

22g Steel Tip - 95% Tungsten (Also available in 24g, 26g & 28g Steel Tip and 20g Soft Tip)

  • Length: 52.8mm

  • Width: 6.30mm

  • Supplied with short Mission Sabre shafts and No2 'Rocky' Josh Rock flights.

  • Price (As of 15/12/2022): £54.95

Grip & Balance

The grip rating given by Mission is a 7/10 which I think is a little low as I found these darts to be very grippy. Although, with this style of grip it will wear down over a short period of time.

The thin but tight together rings offer good amount of grip without being sticky or aggressive. The coating's don't cause the dart to lose any grip unlike painted grooves.

The darts are slightly more balanced to the rear it feels as the darts sit flatter in the board not only for Josh but for me also. I often can make a lot of mid to front weighted darts stand with the flight up but with these not so much.

Dart Performance

The darts surprised me but unfortunately not in a good way. For some reason I just could not get on with them, most likely because of the grip and the balance which made me struggle to release the dart when I normally would as well as making the darts 'fishtail' due to the balance and my natural way of throwing.

I think for people who use grippy darts and like the slightly more rear weighted straight barrel, these would suit them down to the ground. One thing I will say is this style of dart can be found cheaper from other brands as its a pretty common style so if you're one to not care too much about coatings or style then it may be worth trying those other styles first.


Overall the darts aren't too far away from other multi-ring grip darts. They may be slightly grippier but because of the nature of the cuts, the grip will reduce over time. The coatings look nice and feel premium and well made. The sabre shafts are excellent and would recommend to most people who perhaps like the hybrid style shafts.

I think for £54.95 they're okay value for money for a player dart with coatings and recut rings however there are cheaper alternatives out there. I'd say pick these up if you like the looks or are a fan of Josh Rock and throw this style of barrel.

Who knows, you might be buying a future World Champions darts!

Thank you to Mission Darts for sending me these to review! The video review can be found on my YouTube channel here.


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