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Mission Darryl Fitton Darts Review

Since signing with Mission as head of player development and subsequently as a player, the new Mission Darryl Fitton darts have been highly anticipated for release.

Darryl Fitton has been a popular face in the world of darts over his 30-year career, whether it's playing on the lakeside stage, hitting a nine darter to win a car at the Dutch Open or more recently helping the next generation of players develop their game. What's been just as popular has been Darryl Fitton's darts.

The new Mission Darryl Fitton darts are something slightly different to what 'The Dazzler' has thrown before, this time offering a straight barrel at the front with a subtle contour (or scallop) towards the rear. Even though the darts are different by design, with the way Darryl throws, things aren't too different as he is able to pinch the dart between finger and thumb at the rear and push against a wider section of the barrel as he throws. The darts also feature a red and black electro-plated coating.

Product Information

22g Steel Tip - 95% Tungsten (Also available in 24g, 26g Steel Tip and 18g Soft Tip)

• Length: 46.5mm

• Width: 6.85mm

• Supplied with short Mission Sabre shafts and No6 'Dazzler' Darryl Fitton flights

• Price (As of 07/11/2022): £49.96

Grip & Balance

The grip of the Mission Darryl Fitton is different to the Dazzler's darts of the past, featuring a tighter ring grip with smaller rings giving more grip to previous models. The contour at the rear doesn't quite feel as grippy however with a contour it allows the player to throw against the dart reducing the risk of fingers slipping away as they throw. As with most contoured darts, they are weighted closer to the front which is perfect for Darryl as he likes his darts to stand up high in the board.

Dart Performance These darts for me personally flew through the air exactly how I would like, the front weighting really gives the darts a kick when in the air meaning they will stand upright in the board. This happened when throwing from both the parallel and the contoured section. This also was the case when using my personal setup (Condor Axe standard in long) I think the darts will be very popular with most however if you prefer your darts to sit flat, these may not be the barrels for you. If you're a front-mid gripper of the dart they're worth trying even if you don't plan on using the contour section at the rear.


Overall, the Darryl Fitton darts are a nice alternative to some of the other shorter darts on the market. It's unique without straying too far from what players already know. If you like a contour/scallop dart, then these could be for you. Similarly, if you grip at the front middle section of the dart, they are also a dart that you can throw. My favourite thing about these darts is the ability to get them to stand up in the board consistently without even trying! I personally think they might go a little under the radar but I believe they will be popular with those who pick them up. £50 for a player dart with the pedigree and experience of Darryl is a good price in my opinion especially considering the coatings on the dart also.

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