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Using ChatGPT to create a darts practice routine

ChatGPT has been a big talking point in not only the world of technology but also in general talking, everyone I know is talking about it, including people playing darts down the pub!

This got me thinking, can I use ChatGPT to create a darts practice session?

How does ChatGPT work? Basically you ask it or tell it to do something and it strings together text by predicting what the next word in the string is, although it does it very well. But when it comes to creating something like a darts practice routine, where the information on the internet is very basic, it struggled.

Here's what I received when I said "Create a darts practice routine"

Not bad, but by no means good. The warm up part is a great example of predicting the next word in the sequence. Yes most darts practice routines start with a warm up, but chatGPT has got confused and basically instructed me to warm up ready for physical exercise. By no means is stretching a bad thing but push-ups and squats before a darts game? I don't think so.

ChatGPT did do a good job of some things, although very basic, they do make sense. The second part of the routine is basically playing around the world in reverse order.

Scoring practice however is kind of not right, it's basically just saying play game of 501 which although can involve scoring, isn't a specific scoring practice routine.

Darts finishing games are the most common part of most people's practice sessions whether that's random checkouts, 121, 170 or 201 games they all focus on setup play and finishing. The finishing practice here however is slightly off.

"Start with a set number of points (such as 170) and try to finish in 3 darts or less"it's along the right lines but using 170 as an example for 3 darts or less finishing practice could get quite annoying.

Overall, ChatGPT can't create a good practice routine but if you ask it for a one off practice game, it might come up with something useful. Darts is so specific to the player so just generating a practice routine off of general information on the internet will never generate anything amazing. Especially considering a lot of the information on the internet is for absolute beginners.

Written by Kurt Bevan

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