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University Darts UK Season Roundup

By Connor Watkins

The University Darts scene has ended for the season but remains a hot topic within the

darting scene. Recently, we have seen league finals day, varsity and a new sponsorship for

the system develop. The University Darts scene would like to welcome new sponsors

Unicorn Darts to the hottest darting talent in the country right now. Looking forward to

seeing the developments made not only by Unicorn, but by the societies themselves

knowing that they have support from one of the biggest names in darts.

UDUK League Finals Day

Firstly, congratulations to the University of Sheffield who continued their dominant display

in the Northern Central league by going on to win the league finals day, beating fellow

Northern Central league team University of Lincoln 6-4 in the final!

Full Results:

(Quarter finals)

Lincoln 10-1 Oxford

Trent 9-2 York

Sheffield 9-2 Durham

Warwick 8-3 Bangor


Lincoln 6-5 Trent

Sheffield 6-5 Warwick


Sheffield 6-4 Lincoln

Congratulations to all the winners this season (image not from UDUK Finals day*)

Secondly, congratulations to the University of Lincoln who after only being in the University

Darts scene for two years have seen themselves become one of the most feared oppositions

within the country.

A full round-up can be found here.

UDUK Varsity Darts Events

Varsity is, of course, one of the high-profile events on the university calendar and, for darts,

this is no different. Nottingham Trent and the University of Nottingham go head-to-head

each year with an exhibition-style event consisting of one or two professional guests. Guests

included Matthew Edgar, Kirk Bevins, Steve Beaton, Joe Cullen, and Paul Hinks.

Paul Hinks calling the action at a UDUK Varsity darts event

The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam also put on a night to remember, with tungsten tussles usually going the full distance, creating a night of darting drama.

Professional player, and former university darts player Adam Warner told me that ‘’the big

stage experience from varsity against Sheffield Hallam was useful’’ whilst building himself as a player to go onto a more competitive scene. Warner, now competing in the PDC,

maintains a strong relationship with the University of Sheffield’s darts society and still

supports their varsity events.

This year, the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett went head-to-head in their very first

varsity event in aid of the charity Student Minds. The event resulted in University of Leeds

producing a dominant display over an inexperienced Beckett team whilst raising a

considerable amount of money for a worthwhile cause. Another first varsity event was the

newly formed society Liverpool taking on Manchester in April, whilst raising money for the

charity Solidaritee, which give vital support to refugees.

Finally, the newly formed University of Birmingham Darts Society has gained some interest

following their recent inaugural varsity match against the University of Warwick.

Adding onto this, society founder Woody Boon has been inducted into the University Darts UK Hall of Fame as a Pillar of the Community. This has been awarded due to his outstanding efforts in pushing the University of Birmingham’s darts scene and presenting core values of

professionalism, respect, and dedication. Congratulations Woody!

Thanks to @JamesChal_ on twitter for the images.

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