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Rising Stars - Hayden Robbie

By Connor Watkins

From Rainham, Hayden Robbie has been making some great strides in the youth game.

Currently throwing 23g Red Dragon Hunter barrels, Hayden is sitting 33 rd in the JDC

advanced tour order of merit following an outstanding debut in 2022 where he ranked 3rd.

Hayden first got into darts by watching his stepdad, former PDC tour card holder and recent challenge tour winner Conan Whitehead. He first joined a local league and when he turned 12 started playing County Youth darts for London, which further grew his love for the game.

Following his success in the JDC foundation tour, Hayden secured a tour card for 2023 and a place in the 2022 JDC World Championship.

The young star from Kent has already made a name for himself by picking up sponsorship from Punk Points, Southern Fencing and L.B Property and development, all of which have helped with entry costs and travel.

Hayden currently plays for Medway’s super league team and county youth for Sussex, whilst also playing for The Highlander in Sheerness. Only aged 16, the lad from Medway is already a menace on the dartboard and one to be feared.

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