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Red Dragon Darts 2023 Spring Launch

Spring is here and with it is some upcoming darts product launches! Red Dragon are the first company to have a launch in spring 2023 and with it have come some very colourful new darts products!

The following is a summary and my thoughts and opinions on the products based on seeing the product. This is not a review!

Snakebite Peter Wright - Copper Fusion | £59.90

Recently we have seen Peter Wright using welsh darts player Barrie Bates' darts which was followed by using a slightly modified set that was similar with a few extra cuts.

The Copper Fusions seem to be those exact darts but with an excellent and classy looking copper and gold coating. The darts I think are priced pretty fairly at around £60 which for a Peter Wright dart that has multiple coatings isn't too expensive, however in comparison to the Barrie Bates darts, they're almost double the price!

Overall I'd say these darts are probably only worth buying if you're a Peter Wright fan/collector or really like the look of the copper and gold coating. Otherwise there are plenty of ring grip darts that are similar that are far cheaper on the market.

These darts are available in 21g & 23g steel-tip and 20g soft-tip.

Gerwyn Price - Firebird | £69.90

My least favourite dart of the launch, why? Because they're nothing like a Gerwyn Price dart. A bull nose rather than a tapered nose and a middle 'smooth' section with the iceman signature 'Z cut.'

These darts should and could have been their own set without a players name, but because of these being a player dart, they're probably £20 more expensive than they should be.

Overall, a dart that could've been so much more affordable and made a bit more sense in terms of it's link to Gerwyn Price, which is a shame because I think the practicality of the dart with its twin ring grip and defined front and rear grip sections have a lot of potential to be popular. These darts are available in 21g & 23g steel-tip and 20g soft-tip.

Luke Humphries - TX2 Atomised 90% | £69.90

An interesting looking dart that offers something completely different to Luke Humphries' other darts. With more grip and style these darts are better suited to those who perhaps liked the TX1 but wanted something a bit fancier.

Zac from ThorntonDarts mentioned that the nose is similar to that of the Target Dimitri van den Bergh darts to which I agree and are 'atomised' which makes these areas of the dart feel a bit out of place. Especially with the blue coating.

Overall a nice dart at a somewhat fair price however I feel like there's a bit too much going on for my personal liking. These darts are available in 22g & 24g steel-tip and 20 soft-tip.

Red Dragon 2023 Spring Launch other items

Luke Humphries got a wide range of other items similar to the other top Red Dragon players with his own playing shirt, power band, flights, case and probably most exciting, the 65mm length stems, the same size as what Luke Humphries uses. Now when you ask 'What stems does Luke Humphries use?' there will be an answer.

Other products include

- Gian van Veen's darts in a new 24g weight.

- Personalised flights for Gian van Veen, Ryan Meikle and for the players that have had darts released.

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