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NEW Mission Darts Points! Laser Plus and Sniper Points (Spring 2022 Launch)

The Mission Darts spring 2022 launch saw the launch of various new accessories and equipment to the Mission Darts catalogue, the most requested being new ranges of points and with the new Mission Laser Plus and Sniper points, Mission have given the players what they wanted!

Mission Laser Plus and Sniper Points

The new Mission Darts points are something that have been highly requested for a long time by many people on social media. Points have become a big part of people's setup in the modern game with many people changing points as soon as they get a new set of darts! The new Mission Laser Plus points are laser engraved points with sandblasted grooves to help get extra grip in the board, reducing fall outs. They come in three different styles and each style are available in 32mm and 38mm (See below.)

Positives and Negatives of Mission Darts Laser Plus Points

New options for laser engraved points

Competitively Priced at £3.00 per set Grip in the board reduces bounce outs 3 different designs offer slightly different levels of grip

Only available in 2 lengths. (Would like to see 36mm and 41mm added to the range) Only available in silver.

The grip of the points will wear away eventually as with all laser engraved points

The Sniper points, are a range of points that feature a cone style allowing for a smoother transition from point to barrel. Again these points come in three different styles and are available in 28mm and 32mm. These points are also available in silver or black. (Pictured below)

Positives and Negatives of Mission Darts Sniper Points

Variation of designs and grips

Competitively priced at £6.95 per set Cone style reduces deflections and prolongs the life-span of flights Available in silver or black The titan pro silver points still grip the board sufficiently, unlike a lot of silver coated points

Not available as a completely smooth point Small chance of snapping flush with the barrel (this is a risk for all coned points)


These points I think are a much needed addition to the Mission Darts range and as previously stated, something much requested also. The points do exactly as you would expect and compared to competitors on the market, retail for a better price also. My only gripe would be that the laser plus points don't come in a wider variety of lengths but hopefully that's something we can get in the future. Also with the sniper points I would like to have seen a completely smooth point as for people like myself, I don't like the feeling of grooves on my points when playing. Again hopefully this is something we can see in future. Thank you to Mission Darts for sending me these points to review. To keep up to date with more reviews both in video and written form, subscribe to the Matador Darts YouTube Channel and Follow Matador Darts on Twitter and Instagram.

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