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Mission Crypt M1 Darts Review

Mission Darts' 2022 Spring Launch on the 30th May saw the launch of a new bomb shaped dart in the Mission Crypt. Two variations were released labeled M1 and M2 and I was fortunate to be sent the Mission Crypt M1 22g to review.

Featuring a classy looking black and gold coating, the Mission Crypt takes what is a pretty simple barrel design and makes it feel premium. Featuring a ring grip in the centre of the barrel and a micro razor grip at the rear, the Mission Crypt is perfect for Middle or rear grippers.

Product Information

22g Steel Tip - 90% Tungsten (Also available in 24g Steel tip and 20g Soft Tip)

• Length: 45mm • Width: 7.2mm

• Supplied with Short Black Mission Grip Lock Shafts and Standard Crypt Flights

• Price (As of 30/05/2022): £50.95

Grip & Balance

These darts as previously mentioned are perfect for someone that grips the dart at the rear or middle of the barrel. I personally throw a straight barrel dart and grip at the front but I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to find my grip with these darts. The grip level across the barrel is pretty similar with the black coating on the central rings giving that extra grip. The micro razor grip at the back feels natural and isn't sharp or aggressive whilst still maintaining a non-slip style grip.

Grip Ratings • Rear Micro Razor Grip - 4/5 • Middle Ring Grip - 3.5/5 The darts a slightly front weighted with no stem or flight attached as highlighted in green.

Mission Crypt M1 Darts 22g

The angle of entry with different flights was all quite similar. With this shape barrel, flights do not effect the flight of the dart as much I feel as the balance of weight in the dart almost takes over. As standard with the flights though, standard flights stood up slightly more and the Pears were flatter and quicker with a kite being a mix of the two. Kite flights being closer to the standards however.

Darts Performance

In flight, I found it difficult to control the darts with the supplied short shafts, the darts tail end were flicking and rotating in the air, giving an unpredictable entry into the board. Upon changing to a medium length shaft, my shaft of choice, the Crypt darts glided brilliantly through the air almost feeling as though I could just guide the dart to the target. Both shafts were tested with standard no2 shaped flights.

For videos and more in depth analysis of the darts in flight be sure to watch the video review on the Matador Darts YouTube Channel!

A 180 I hit with the Mission Crypt Darts (see video review)


Overall, these darts performed above my expectation, especially considering I am a front gripper who doesn't use bomb shaped barrels. If you do purchase these darts I would recommend testing different setups as the balance and flight of the dart does change drastically with this barrel style. At £50.95 I think the dart is good value for the looks and manufacture of the barrels, especially with rising costs worldwide. I would only recommend buying these darts if you're a more experienced user of this style of dart and want something a bit more premium to throw otherwise I would recommend trying a cheaper dart in a similar style first. Once again Thank you to Mission darts for sending me these darts to review, you can find them on dartscorner here. Reviewed and Written by Kurtis Bevan of Matador Darts

*DISCLAIMER* This darts review was independently done by Kurtis Bevan of Matador Darts. At no stage of the review process have I been asked or told to mention any specifics of the product by the manufacturer and all views and options are my own.

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