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3 Ways to Make the ULTIMATE Home Darts Setup!

Playing darts at home has become almost a whole sport in itself with thousands of people now playing online darts in their own home darts setups! Lots of people only play darts at home so having a setup that can replicate a good environment to play is important, I asked on twitter to the followers of @MatadorDarts "what makes the ultimate darts setup?"

1) Choose the right equipment! It sounds silly, but getting your equipment right is essential in a home darts setup. What dartboard is best? Do you need a dartboard light? There's a lot more that goes into a good darts setup than you may think.

The dartboard is the centrepiece to your setup, the thing everyone in the room will look at (unless you're playing blindfolded darts) Winmau, Target, one80, Unicorn, Mission all make top level boards that wouldn't look out of place on the big stage. My recommendation, get a board that's labelled as 'Professional' with blade or knife-edge wires.

Also be sure to have the board 5ft 8in from the floor to the bullseye and 7ft, 91/4in to the oche. A board on the wall is really all you need but consider some of the following for the ULTIMATE home darts setup! • Dartboard light (Target Corona, Mission Torus 270 and one80 Illumina are all what I'd recommend) • Surround (to protect the wall from stray darts) • A shelf under or near the board to show off your darts and trophies! • A whiteboard if you play with friends or tablet holder/TV for scoring your games!

My personal home setup, complete with TV for either watching or connecting to a laptop for scoring!

2) A darts setup for serious practice?

Making sure your setup is fit for purpose is key, my setup is purely setup for practice as I don't have friends round for games and I don't play online darts either. Making sure your setup is perfect for your needs is a must for your setup. Below is the setup of Jim McEwan (@JimMcEwan12 on twitter) winner on the PDC challenge tour and winner of the WDF British Classic. His setup is perfect for practice and online matches with a purpose built room so he can focus and play at his best when at home.

Things to consider when building a room fit for practice could be: • Focused area/wall for the board to be on, consider a backdrop or single colour wall for maximum focus. • A scoreboard or TV to keep tabs of scores and practice games. • Lots of space so you can play the game as comfortably as possible

• Consider a raised oche to replicate what you would use in a more competitive environment

3) World champion darts at home! What does a world champions darts setup look like? Well @DMBDarts180 on twitter has given a glimpse into what that could be!

This setup is complete with everything you could think of for the ULTIMATE darts setup! A dedicated space for darts including all the little details like a tablet holder, shelves to display trophies (or just 1 trophy in this case ;) ), TV and a William Hill World Darts Championship style backdrop just as an added touch! This is what the ultimate darts setup looks like!

Below are some other submissions from followers of @MatadorDarts on twitter.

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