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Three reasons why you should have a dartboard at your pub or club

Dartboards nowadays are few and far between when it comes to finding them at pubs and clubs, especially in towns and cities. Back in the 80s dartboards were a staple in near enough every pub, however now that space is used to fit in one extra table to gain profit off of food.

But darts, for a pub landlord or club owner can be hugely beneficial especially if they host a darts team or two in a league, or even host tournaments. Here's how and why:

1. It's great entertainment & sociable

Whether it's locals, members or newbies to the pub, a dartboard can provide good fun for people new and old to the sport. I'm sure many people have been to the pub 'for one' and ended up on the dartboard for way longer than they wanted to. A dartboard can also attract newcomers to the establishment, especially now the dartboard isn't as common.

Putting on tournaments between locals can be a great way to get together and give the chance for people to earn a little bit of prize money or a bar tab as well as making some money for the venue itself. These can also be done in the week as darts players are always looking for an excuse to get out and play!

2. It's easily profitable

Darts isn't an expensive sport to host, and money can easily be made back within a few league matches or tournaments.

All a venue needs really is:

- A dartboard (at the correct measurements)

- An oche (the bar or board on the floor to throw from)

- A whiteboard or chalkboard (with stuff to write with)

- Optionally you can also have a surround to protect the wall or use a noticeboard as a backing to the board.

All of that included the added surround will probably cost around £100, and with that you can bring in 10+ people a week if you have a team or two play at your venue.

For tournaments you ideally want at least one board per four to eight participants, so ideally for a 16 person tournament - two boards. 32 people - four boards etc.

These extra people would be people who wouldn't usually visit, meaning there's 10+ extra people brining money to the bar (and darts players love to drink.)

3. Become the home of a future darting star

It doesn't matter where they play now but most successful darts players will tell you that they first started playing in a pub or club. What if people visited your pub to play darts just because it's where the next darting star began their journey? It wouldn't be a bad thing at all!

If you're a punter that loves darts and thinks your pub or club should have a dartboard, why not give these reasons to your local?


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